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Web design

62.3% (37.6 million people) of the UK's population are internet users (source: internetworldstats.com - September 2006), and this number is most likely growing.

Based on these statistics, do you think you can can do without a web site? If not, then Shadow Computers can help.

To get you on the Internet, Shadow Computers can create your web site for you at an affordable price. Shadow Computers will even host your web site during development so that you can see the progress at anytime.

Shadow Computers believe that the internet is for everyone. Because of this we spend a lot of time creating web sites that are accessible not just to the people who use the most recent version of Internet Explorer, but visitors who use other browsers including screen readers that are used by the visually impaired. Did you know that there are two million people with sight problems in the UK? (source: RNIB). So that is an extra two million visitors that could visit your site by having an accessible web site.

Many people think that a web site with bright, flashing graphics are the best web sites around. But what would be the use in a web site that cannot be seen by the majority of your audience who have a slow dial-up Internet connection, or do not use the most popular Internet browsers? The answer is none.

Shadow Computers will carefully help you create you an effective web site that can be viewed by a greater audience.

Prices and time will vary depending on your requirements, but for just £350 you can have a web site designed with up to five pages, up to three photographs, a basic logo and a contact us form.

Why not contact Shadow Computers with your requirements to see how you can get online?